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That thing you can teach?

People need to know it!

People should know what YOU have to say because your knowledge matters and has the power to change people’s lives!  


If you have a message, method, idea, or expertise to share, you are in the right place.



Whether you want to build a whole new business or just add a new revenue stream around your thoughts, process, or framework, keep reading.

Hi, I’m Cori Willis and my team and I help people, who feel called to share their inspired messages with their communities and the world, to create the offers & products and find the audiences to do just that.




If you have a message to teach, write, share, preach, coach, consult, or talk about, it isn’t random!

That message could have been planted in anybody’s heart and mind.
But, it wasn’t, it was planted in YOURS!



And, guess what, we – i.e. me, your audience, the Kingdom, the world – are waiting eagerly for it.




Here’s what we know, however:


The message you deliver and how you deliver it absolutely have to align with your God-given gifts & temperament (don’t worry because we help with both!).


YES! you can build a great living around the message in your heart!

 YES! You can find impact & fulfillment by bringing your unique voice, perspective, or wisdom into the marketplace!

 And, we are here to help you do it.

Hello, Friend. 

Ways I Can Serve You!

Million Dollar I.P. Empire

In the Million Dollar I.P. Empire program, you will master a simple process to make serious money off of the things you think about every day.

In this Signature Program, you will learn to organize your thoughts, become a recognized thinker in your marketplace, and sell your thoughts in the form of lucrative intellectual property assets.

Use this program to create your book, course, workbook, retreat, signature talk, TED/TEDx Talk, coaching or consulting packages, or whatever you want to do with your ideas. 

Most importantly, you will shift easily into the mindset of a Million Dollar IP creator!

Find Your Unique Gifts

In the Find Your God-Given Gifts private coaching program, you’ll unearth your unique gifts using my proprietary Gifts Assessment Wheel™. 

This incredible tool will help you discern EXACTLY what you are uniquely designed to do.  This is NOT a personality test, career battery, or spiritual gifts assessment. 

Instead it focuses on ten areas of life to unearth your specific gifts and areas of contribution.

This groundbreaking process is easily combined with the RELIEF Protocol™ program for comprehensive, forward movement.

Clear What's Holding You Back

In the RELIEF Protocol™, a proprietary 1:1 private coaching program, you’ll unlock your potential by clearing the emotional debris or residue that may be holding you back in business and blocking your ability to perform at capacity. 

In this process, Cori masterfully combines three modalities: Protocol™ Conversations, Tapping/EFT, and customized pre-& post-session exercises.

This carefully curated program allows you to break through emotional distress that is often cemented into your being.  This process easily loosens and disposes of it.

Speaker & Workshop Leader

If you need a speaker, show guest, or workshop leader on any of the following topics, please contact me for my speaking packet and rates:

  • The Science of Thinkers
  • Christians in Business
  • God-Given Gifts
  • Million Dollar Thinking
  • The RELIEF Protocol™
  • Personal Development.

I deliver engaging, inspiring, and educational talks and workshops to large and small groups in the USA and abroad.

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