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What if it weren’t so hard?

Easy is still available!


For individuals, romantic couples, and business partners
who want to find their easy.

Hi, I’m Cori!

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Within the first 15 minutes of our session, Cori had identified a mental block that I didn’t even know existed, and questioned my thought process enough that it made me push through that block…

I have only been onboard with Cori for a month, but in that short time, she has completely transformed my mindset AND my business.

Tanya Bennett, CEO/Founder IgnitEDprep

Speaking & Workshop Topics:

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  • The Science of Self-Concept

  • Self-Concept in Life, Business, and Love

  • Christian Business Topics
  • Finding Your God-Given Gifts
  • The RELIEF Protocol™
  • Personal Development

I deliver engaging, inspiring, and educational talks and workshops to large and small groups in the USA and abroad.

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