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Hi!  I’m Cori Willis, a God-centered personal and business development speaker and strategist.  I am also an entrepreneur, educator, and advisor.  I believe that God gives us all unique gifts that we can use to honor Him and fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives and communities.  I believe that God has given me the gifts of communication, motivation, and creativity.  Additionally, He has given me gifts that have allowed me to have success in the areas of business, real estate, law, education, and speaking.

As a personal development trainer, I help clients and audiences identify and obliterate personal obstacles to success and happiness.  Whether in our business or personal lives, I believe that God only keeps us stuck in a place until we really understand why He has us there.  I help people identify where they are stuck and why and motivate them to make change and progress.

As a business development strategist, I apply a similar process to business. Regardless of your level of success, if you are in business, you are exactly where God wants you to be right now for His plan.  However, sometimes, we need help to realize or right-size that plan.  That’s why I’m here to help! 

I use my creativity and technical skills to help my clients turn their businesses around by evaluating their products or services, finances, operations, and people to provide meaningful support and guidance.  With 20+ years in business and real estate, an MBA, JD, and LLM, I’ve seen it all and can help you feel like your business is a privilege again – and not a punishment.  Sometimes an outside set of eyes on your business issues is all the business needs.  My eyes are trained to quickly see and assess what is really going on in your business.

I am a full-time educator, real estate investor, business consultant, and speaker.  I am a thinking woman…and a praying woman.  I am also an avid researcher, reader, and presenter of business, law, and Christian topics.

Regardless of the nature, size, or industry of your business, I can help you and your business find your North Star, which makes your work more meaningful and impactful, creates a legacy for future generations, if that’s your goal, and relieves your stress.  I look forward to working with you in the future.  You will find that my unique blend of analytical and creative skills allow me to see and feel your business.

Contact me so we can talk about what working together would look like, or so I can send you my speaking packet and rates.  If that isn’t in the plans for us, please enjoy the resources on this site and check back often as I will be adding new content regularly.