god-given gifts 101 - FREE

If you are wondering how much better your life and career could be if you were doing the exact thing God put you here to do, then this free, 5-part course is for you!  I wrote this course for people who want to understand God-given gifts better.   I consider the content of this free course to be on the 101-level, a sort of primer on biblical gifts.  I reference the key scriptures about gifts and give everyday examples to demonstrate many of those gifts.

In this course, I explain what God-given gifts are and aren't, and what living in your gift looks like.  I also cover the most common myths about God-given gifts.  I wrote this series for people, who are struggling to find their God-given gifts, or for those who might be staring right at their gifts and don’t realize it.  To that end, I include a module on praying for your gifts and a bonus prayer-builder template to get you started, if you aren’t even sure how to pray for your gifts.  LEARN MORE...  


make room for your gifts

COMING SOON!   Are you struggling to identify your special place in the world, while others seem to have found theirs so easily?  Sometimes, when we cannot identify our gifts or hear clearly from God, it's because we need to make room in our lives for our gifts to present themselves.  What if you could identify what is standing between you and your gifts and take the steps to clear those obstacles? 

Consider two things.  First, God may be preparing you for what He has for you.  The Bible is full of stories of people that must undergo some transformation so God can use them. Second, you may have created life for yourself that crowds God out.  God’s ready; but, you aren’t!  Often, while we are waiting on God, God is waiting on us. Do you need to make room for Him to work in your life? 

By the end of this transformational course, you will understand where you are in your process and will have clarity about whether you need to clean up or eliminate some stuff from your life.  This course is for you, if it’s time for you to make room and create fertile ground for your gifts to live.  I also give you a roadmap and clear action steps to do it. 

This course explains 10 unexpected ways you know you’re outside of your gift, 10 reasons you still can’t find your gifts, 5 steps to make room for your gifts, and much more.  The course includes audios, worksheets, journal prompts, and the 31-day “Clear the Way!” challenge to get you moving towards finding and using your God-given gifts.  You won’t be the same after!