god-given gifts 101 - FREE

If you are wondering how much better your life and career could be if you were doing the exact thing God put you here to do, then this free, 5-part course is for you!  I wrote this course for people who want to understand God-given gifts better.   I consider the content of this free course to be on the 101-level, a sort of primer on biblical gifts.  I reference the key scriptures about gifts and give everyday examples to demonstrate many of those gifts.

In this course, I explain what God-given gifts are and aren't, and what living in your gift looks like.  I also cover the most common myths about God-given gifts.  I wrote this series for people, who are struggling to find their God-given gifts, or for those who might be staring right at their gifts and don’t realize it.  To that end, I include a module on praying for your gifts and a bonus prayer-builder template to get you started, if you aren’t even sure how to pray for your gifts.  LEARN MORE...