Note 001: Hello & Welcome!

Hello Friends,

My name is Cori and I am an entrepreneur, advocate, and speaker.  God and my life’s work are my two great loves - in that order.  My God-given gifts have conspired to land me here, with you.  I help entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs discover their unique and God-given gifts, build their best lives and businesses around those gifts, and align all of that with God’s word.


If you believe in a generous and loving God, believe He has a specific life plan in mind for you, and want to combine those two, then you are in the right place.  I’ve been in (and consulted on) a lot of businesses and believe that I am uniquely positioned to help you identify and use your gifts in a way that is fulfilling and profitable to you, adds value to your communities, and aligns with your Christian beliefs.

Why me? 

I simply am responding to the call on my life to help you excavate your God-given gifts so that you can identify and respond to the call on your life.  After years of searching, I have identified my gifts and am now able to see clearly how they relate to my experiences and interests. 

What are my gifts? 

I can tell you that, even though I couldn’t see it for many years, my career and life path have confirmed my gifts repeatedly.  First, I am a researcher by nature.  I love finding answers that relate to so many aspects of business and my Christian walk.  I am a teacher and helper by nature.  I am a creator and problem-solver.  I am both creative and analytical (…a conundrum which deserves its own post later!).

In short, I know my gifts.  I know business.  I know the Word.  I am called to help you meld the three into a life and career that will be fulfilling to you and pleasing to God.  I hope I can speak for us both when I say that, at the end of my days, I just want to hear, “Well done!”    So, if you’re in, and you think that your landing here wasn’t an accident, look around a bit, and let’s get to it.