Note 002 - The First Step to Find Your God-Given Gifts!

Hello to My New Family! 

Welcome to  I am Cori and this is my website.  If you want to know a little more about me, please check out the “About Cori” tab on my website ( or visit Note 001, where I introduce myself and my project.  If you’ve already done both of those, I’m glad you still want to know more.  Stick around and we’ll get to know each other better in due time.  I help people build amazing businesses AROUND their God-given gifts and Christian values.  First step: figure out what those are for you.  Today I’m going to describe the first, sure-fire step to hearing clearly from God about your life, your gifts, or your business.  Keep reading…


I often refer to God as My God of Second Chances.  No matter how many times I’ve messed this thing up or failed to follow His lead, He always gives me the second chance.  For that, and for so many other things, I’m grateful.  So, Step One is a very specific type of prayer, which sounds so basic that we often don’t even bother to do it, or to learn any of the many ways to do it.  But, hear me out...

Sometimes, when I pray, I say a prayer of only thanksgiving.  It is just one type of prayer – but, it's extremely powerful.  I love to do it and, most importantly, God loves when we do it!  I can get lost for an hour just giving thanks.  I don’t ask for anything – not clarity, not wisdom, not revelation.  I don’t tell Him what I’m hoping or waiting for - those are a different prayer.  Instead I start every sentence with, “Lord, I thank you for ______.”  Then I thank Him for the warm home I live in, my mother, the 15 years I had with my dad, my favorite color of red nail polish, my career, my talent, red velvet cupcakes, how reliable His word is, my assistant, etc.  Those are some of the things that make my life great. 

But, I also thank Him for the boys who broke my heart, that time I got swindled out of my money, the time I “borrowed” my mom’s car at 14 and crashed it, that speech impediment that took me two decades to overcome, getting fired from that job, etc.  Those are the things that have made me strong, careful, resilient, brave, compassionate, and an adult.  I end with a general thanks for all the things that I’m going through but don’t really understand yet, and for all the times He came through for me when He didn’t have to. 

Yes, that is Step 1.  I encourage you to take some time to really reflect on what you’re grateful for.  If you have a prayer closet, a cozy nook, or even a front step away from the people that live with you or keep calling and texting, go there and say your thanksgiving prayer…out loud.  It is life-changing.  After a while, you literally will have a physiological reaction and a peaceful, receptive energy will overtake your anxious heart and mind.  I recommend you try it for 30 or 60 minutes – just non-stop thanksgiving.  Then tell me how you feel in the comments below.


Then, as you seek transformation and delivery in your life or business, try to incorporate more robust thanksgiving prayers into your prayer life going forward.  I have seen firsthand that the first step in hearing from God is to show Him some gratitude. 

I’ll start the thanks giving with my heartfelt thanks to you, my new subscribers.  Thank you for taking a chance with me and this website as I move my traditional businesses to a more spiritual and God-centered platform, which feeds my soul. 

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