Note 003: Implement!

I’m writing this Note during my birthday week.  My personal New Year!  Every year on my birthday, I do a comprehensive self-analysis to learn what is working in my life and business and what isn’t.  Some businesspeople call this an audit.  Whatever you call it, let’s do it!  I’m calling this Note IMPLEMENT! as a reminder for us to get this thing started in a big way!  I regularly have a chance to observe winners, finishers, and prolific writers.  The common thread I observe between them is that they implement!  They start!


What does it mean to implement? 

Implementation is taking in information or processing new ideas and then acting on them. defines the verb to implement as “to put (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect.”  It also gives as synonyms, the words execute, apply, perform, and enact.

I am convinced that the rate of implementation is the biggest difference between successful businesses and unsuccessful ones, between the winners in life and those that struggle.  That’s because “better” is on the other side of implementation.  You don’t have any data…until you implement.  You have no forward motion…until you implement.  You don’t get paid…until you implement.  You don’t get any closer to your answers…until you implement.

When I think of the best or most successful times in my life, I implemented!  Think of the biggest successes you’ve had and I bet you’ll see the same trend.  My best investments have come from moving quickly and decisively.  My best career moves have come from being bold.  On the other hand, the parts of my life that have lacked zest and luster suffered from lack of implementation. 

What does failure to implement look like? Failure to make change when the need presents itself, failure to regulate habits, failure to use best practices.  Failure to trust God and self.

What are the barriers to implementation

Perfectionism, insecurity, superiority, procrastination, drag, laziness, lack of self-efficacy (lack of belief in one’s own abilities to accomplish a task), lack of faith (lack of belief in God’s ability or in His Word), and not being accountable to anyone else.

But, here’s a big, self-imposed barrier (especially for people struggling to find their gifts): not knowing exactly what to do next, or how to do it.  But, here’s what I want you to know: if you just implemented what you already know – meaning, you never learned another thing – you could be successful with just that.  Pick any area of your life and you’ll see that you already know what to doEven if you don’t know it all, you know enough to get past where you are now, to get one step closer! 

While you are waiting to hear from God, what small steps are you procrastinating on that would make you better off tomorrow than you are right now? 

The Bible says that “…whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” (James 4:17).   

Because the consequences of failure to implement are stagnation, self-loathing, being broke, fatigue, and getting the same ole results as last year, let’s implement!  I’d like you to join me in creating an IMPLEMENT! list and taking action somewhere.   

What steps can you take now

And, I’m not just talking about career moves.  Are there other areas of your life in which you could take some preparatory steps?  Is your office clean?  Is your fridge tidy and full of life-giving foods?  Have you started aggressively paying down that old debt?  While we’re waiting on God, sometimes, He’s waiting on us.  Are you ready for your gifts?  Are you ready for God to show up big in your life?

Maya Angelou said, “Be ready…here comes life.”
James Brown said, “If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready!?”

Notice they didn’t say to start thinking about being ready.  They said BE ready.  Let’s be ready!