Note 001: Hello & Welcome!


My name is Cori and I am an entrepreneur, advocate, and speaker.  God and my life’s work are my two great loves - in that order.  My God-given gifts have conspired to land me here, with you.  I help entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs discover their unique and God-given gifts, build their best lives and businesses around those gifts, and align all of that with God’s word.

Note 000: Introducing NOTES FROM CORI

I'm calling this tab NOTES FROM CORI, where I’ll periodically post my thoughts and ideas. I don’t call this section a blog because I don’t think of myself as a blogger, nor will I post as often or regularly as a blogger. But, I do write notes to my current and former clients from time to time, if I think they could benefit from something I'm thinking. I’m going to share some of those (edited or annotated) notes here. I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully, you’ll find them both motivational and educational. Here’s what you can expect.