Ready to reach & EXCEED YOUR
Business GOALS?

…ready to REALLY answer the call on your life?

…in a way that is EASY, feels GOOD, and aligns with your UNIQUE gifts & talents?


Hard work doesn’t HAVE to feel like torture!


find the peace, calm, and success
you’ve been promised

by identifying & implementing YOU-centered strategies


Our clients are advocates, values-driven leaders, coaches & consultants, creators, producers, and empire-builders. 

You are doing God’s work in the marketplace. 

You are answering the call on your life.


**Most of our clients are Christians; but, our work is open to anyone who accepts our Judeo-Christian, Bible-based perspective.

 What you might be experiencing:

You feel like there is something more, something greater that you could be bringing to your call.


You need a plan! 

You feel unaligned.  You struggle to do the very thing you feel called to do.

You may not be thriving in the way that you – and God – know you could be.


You are aware of how to use the Bible in every
area of your life, EXCEPT in your business.


When you think of your Christian walk, what’s missing? 

“If you are like too many of us – and I have been here – you don’t quite know how to use the Bible in your BUSINESS.  When you think of your Christian walk as a pie, you know how to apply the Bible to the slices which are your marriage and your children.  You know how to be a dutiful daughter or son, a godly neighbor, you know how to pray in times of trouble.  But, as with many people, the missing slice is your business.” - Cori Willis


We can help you fold your business into your Christian walk.

We can help you solve that. 


As a good strategy consultant, Cori WIllis can
help you discover & implement strategies
that are unique to you and to your specific call.

 How does THIS sound?

You CAN find that place where “Who You Are & What You Care About” are the norm – where you “belong” – and not where you must “fit in.”  You can accept, believe, and feel unapologetically that…

Christians ARE different and, therefore, should
show up differently – and, SUCCEED! - in the marketplace

 We hear you!


we’ve designed packages just for you!


 Our Framework:


We use an easy 5-step process to guide you to the business of your dreams.  Our process is built around you and your values and only recommends principles that align with biblical tenets.

  • FIRST, we help you get clear on who you and your company are.  We help you get clear on your God-given gifts and values.  We explore who you are in the marketplace currently.  In this stage we also help you identify any mindset or cultural issues that may be affecting you or your company in business.

  • SECOND, we help you decide on the right and exact goals you want to accomplish - based on who you are and where you want to go.

  • THIRD, we help you choose the right strategy to get you to those goals – again, based on your unique gifts & values.

  • FOURTH, we help you select and design the right PROJECTS and their correct order to execute that strategy! Projects are the building blocks of great strategy!

  • FINALLY, we guide you through the execution of the projects, by incorporating biblically-sound business tools into your day-to-day business functions.



Your goal is what you are trying to accomplish. Goals can vary in length. You can have one or many. They can be consecutive or simultaneous. The options are endless!


We help entrepreneurs like you to identify the right goals for you and your business and to develop the proper strategies to reach those goals.


A strategy is a carefully thought-out and well-executed path to a particular goal.

 A strategy is a series of carefully chosen projects, completed in the right order – to achieve the desired outcome. 


We get it, you have lots of talent, lots of ideas, and lots of energy.  We help you cut through the noise and pick the RIGHT projects in the RIGHT order.

 Projects are the building blocks of effective strategy. They are the interim pieces that, when organized and coordinated into a smooth strategy, make reaching your goals inevitable.

Every good project design considers:

Who YOU are, what YOU want, the best way for YOU to accomplish it, the resources YOU have available to accomplish the project, and the resources YOU need to acquire to accomplish the project

The only reason projects fail is because ONE of those was not planned for accordingly.  Not understanding which of those is the primary constraint of the project can derail or sabotage the larger strategy and the ENTIRE goal.  We help you understand, and design around, that risk.


To assess where you currently are in your life and business, we start with our proprietary Gifts Assessment Wheel, to identify your current strengths and opportunities. Then we assess your business using our proprietary Ten P’s Assessment Tool, with which we assess your business in ten critical areas. Whatever strategies we develop for you MUST take your Gifts Assessment and Ten P’s Assessment into consideration to be effective.

When your business is built around exactly who you are, the hard work required feels easy.


 no more!

No more chasing the wrong things! 

No more overwhelm from having too many options!

No more wondering why your latest effort didn’t work!