What People Are Saying About Working With Cori

I had been stuck in my job making a good salary and struggling to get there every day. I used to dream on my commute about doing something else for years. I had tried a few things, and they never took off.

After working with Cori, I went back to one of those things and it was like a new experience. I am able to do it in a more suitable way where it felt like “me” suddenly. All I needed was to recognize that I had a unique way. I’m leaving my job now in 60 days. 

-Netha (attorney)

Nothing worked and my family was feeling my frustration. I hired Cori and she let me know I could do it and showed me how. I was off-base because of relying on the wrong gifts. Now I can make more money than when I was doing the stuff I thought I was supposed to be doing so I’m back to being really funny and in a good mood. 

-TK Marks (a moderately funny youth coach)

Working with Cori was an eye-opening experience which revealed a neglected part of my personality and my natural gifts not utilised at work. It helped me to realise how much I depleted my life of joy and being my true self. Through this realisation I allowed myself bringing back activities which used to be a source of pleasure and fulfilLment.

We also explored the possibilities of new carrier pathways based on my gifts and life experience tailored to new circumstances. Cori encouraged me to test different options and to be open to new discoveries along this process. And instead of worrying about what I lack regarding my competence and knowledge she suggested using my faith asking God for His guidance towards covering these gaps.

I introduced changes in my home environment and daily life to support my specific needs. Also eliminating activities which didn’t support my health as well as distracted me from using my unique gifts at work released more space for meaningful actions. Now I look at my future work and life with more enthusiasm and clarity.

-Aleksandra Glapinska, Coach and FYGGG CLient

All I had to do was change my customer service process to match me. After that, my business feels like a new business. I was doing what the books said yet I felt like a failure constantly. I hated it before and now it is neutral, just a part of doing business. Last month I already had two customers get a refund and still buy again. It was a better experience for them and for me. I feel more excited again.

-Lills (accessories designer)

“I don’t get to express my feelings, I’m not allowed to be fully human in society. And, so, for the first time, I can say ‘This is how I feel…’. And, so, after we tapped, it was like, … the tapping got that off of me. It’s not about them. It’s about me, right? It’s about me loving me and forgiving me and not judging anybody else. I’m just saying that this is what it is, due to circumstances in my life. And now I’m ready to let you go…

…I don’t have to hold onto it. I don’t have to keep it with me. I can say, ‘I thank you. And now I move off. You served the purpose. You protected me. When I needed protection, you gave me what I needed to get so that I can survive when I needed to survive. But now that I want to thrive, you no longer serve me. And I now need to let you go.’ I choose to thrive…

…And that’s where I’m going. And this is what this experience we’ve used – through the [Protocol] questioning and the end of the tapping – did for me. It was to give myself permission to thrive, it was giving myself permission to feel and give myself permission to say it. And then to let go, and I’m done.”

-Renee Lamb, Financial services coach & RELIEF Protocol™ client


I just wanted to say thanks. Even before we will finish our sessions in two weeks, I already got the new office, got the client I wanted, and she feels like a better match for me. She is easier for sure and needs exactly what I want to help people with. I don’t think I will struggle with her, like usual. My daughter and son are working out how they can come help in the business now. Now I’m not giving up. I just didn’t know any of what you showed me! Thank you, Cori!

-Margaret Simon

Before Cori’s Content Creation process, I had an idea based on my client work, but hadn’t taken any action. Her process helped me see that I do have a book. It took the bits and pieces in my head and gave me the words. It helped me organize them and make them interesting. This method broke down the complex writing process and made it so simple. If anybody has a book or an idea for a book, program, or other content, this Intensive is for you! I left with something tangible in hand. I finally wrote out my signature P.O.W.E.R. Coaching Program, which I’ve been delivering for a long time.”

– Diazina Mobley, Clinical Social Worker & Life Coach