My signature Gifted for Greatness Consulting Program is an individual strategy consulting program designed for people, who want to identify and align their God-given gifts with their efforts and vocations.  In this program, I will help you identify your God-given gifts and begin incorporating them more fully into your life and business.  If you feel like you are running in place, without clarity from God about what you should be doing and how He wants to use your life for the benefit of the Kingdom, my work is for you.  I understand the pain of wanting to get started, but not knowing how.  

  • What if you could wake up every morning on a mission, knowing that God is blessing it and showing you favor?  
  • What if you didn't have to feel like life is passing you by, or like people less talented than you are finding happiness and success while you are still struggling to find your "thing?"  
  • What if you could start or tweak your existing business to maximize your God-given gifts?
  • What if you could use the success you are currently experiencing in a way that honors God and allows you to contribute your unique gifts to the Kingdom?

     Amazing things happen when we figure out what we are supposed to be doing.  We become happier and more fulfilled.  Our careers and incomes improve.  Our health and weight improve.  Our relationships improve.  I call myself a consultant, and not a coach, because my process is a very fine-tuned, results-oriented system that I have used in my Enterprise Consulting Program to help business-owners evaluate and transform every aspect of their businesses.  My proprietary process is based on the premise that, until the business owner is right, the business cannot be right.  I’ve never seen a business problem that wasn’t a spiritual problem or misalignment first.

Three (3) Levels of Engagement to Fit Client Needs:

EXCAVATE (Level 1)

The Excavate program is a 5-module program of individual consulting that focuses on identifying your God-given gifts.  I call this process “Excavate” because the gifts are there; they just need to be unearthed.  This is for people who are experiencing the pain of not knowing which way they should be focusing their many talents and efforts.  Because much of this work is mindset and clarity work, it helps you identify what’s keeping you from identifying your gifts or moving forward on your goals.  It creates a space for you to answer the questions: Who Am I? and Who Am I Not?

STRATEGIZE (level 2)

The 8-module program involves everything in the 5-module program, but includes developing an action plan to incorporate those gifts.  I call this process “Strategize” because it is within this program that you begin to crystallize your strategy for moving forward.  What would life look like if you started moving towards your God-given life?  What are the action steps?  What ducks need to be lined up to move forward?  How can progress be measured?  At the end of this relationship, you will have a detailed plan to start conquering your goals and living God's best for your life.  Yes, you can print it and get busy!

IMPLEMENT (level 3)

The 12-module program is the most comprehensive and deep-diving of the programs and includes everything in the 5- and 8-module programs.  I call this process “Implement” because it includes guided action towards your goals.  In this program, I walk you through the action steps identified in earlier portions of the program.  This program is closest to my traditional business strategy consulting, called Enterprise Consulting, wherein I walk company owners and leadership through a process of company-wide evaluation, execution, and transformation.  If you are looking for massive personal and professional transformation driven by your newfound clarity, then the Implement program is for you.  By the end of this relationship, you will have started to implement your plan, with me holding your hand each step of the way.  

Enterprise Consulting

This website is not where I interact with enterprise clients.  If you are interested in working with me on the enterprise level, please contact me at a phone number you already have, or at 914-200-4440.  You may also email me at